Dress-Up 2011

This was a year-long project hosted first by Angela of SewLoquacious and by myself for the last few months (Sept.- Dec.).  Each month we had a theme around which to make a brand new paper dress.  If you go to the individual blog posts of the hostess, you will find links to all the many national and international participants.  The following represents a single view of my submissions, however there is much more eye candy to be found on the individual posts. (especially in the case of the Art Deco month!) Access these pieces by either clicking on the label "dress-up challenge" to your right which will organize all the submission posts in a scrollable format, or by clicking on the titles below which have been linked to each individual post.

January - Impressionism



Please view individual blog posts for process photos, construction discussion and detail pictures of all submissions.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Oh my goodness - - These are ALL fantastic and wonderfully creative. My personal favorite is . . . . August - "Pointillism" You have done an amazing job creating the flowing effect of the dress. I can almost feel the breeze that is casusing the dress to blow! FANTASTIC!


Thanks for the note!

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