August (at last) Dress Up 2011 Submission: Pointillism!

Always running a bit behind... here is my August Dress-Up 2011 Submission on the topic of Pointillism.

Thanks to the ever useful book, John Peacock's "Costume 1066-1990's", I found a cute little Victorian dress with stripes that was perfect for transforming into a Pointillist Piece...

See the lovely lady in the lower right corner.

Here is my rough sketch and a few ruffles at the beginning...

Here is the finished piece:

Next is a copy printed out and colored with marker and colored pencil....

Please be sure to check out all the lovely August 2011 submissions over at Sew Loquacious!

My goal is to finish all the 2011 dresses up to October by this weekend so I can display them all together during the 2011 Lawrence Art Walk!

Have a great day,


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  1. I love how you do the research and then apply it to your dresses. Great work! It's beautiful!


Thanks for the note!

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