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January 13th - sitting in my car just after my shift at the Library - gearing up for my second half of the day.  Instead of rushing off, I decided to ease from one job to the next by doing a little sketch.  I realize that I'm clearly not an architectural illustrator, but if you know the exterior of the Lawrence Public Library, hopefully you will recognize the "wing" elements on the right...

Be sure to also follow my BFF's Urban Sketchers project too....Karen's renderings are wonderful.

January 10th - sitting inside Starbucks with Karen, sketching the Eldridge Hotel building across the street.  Just a quick 1/2 hour at most.

January 7th - nice sketching outdoors with Karen... standing on the top level of the parking garage across from LAC...spent most of my time on the electrical boxes and ended up wiping out part of a block that just didn't fit anymore between my spot and the big red church....

January 5th - an unbelievable 60 degrees today.. windows of house and car open for fresh air.  One of my usual errands to the behemoth: Hobby Lobby... and ... I found my favorite sketch book..

January 2, 2012 - sitting in my car with BFF with a view of Henry T's graveyard

January 1, 2012 - sitting in my car outside yoga studio

Urban Sketchers Midwest - another year-long project....

This page will be dedicated to the squirrely art of urban sketching!  I'll be doing quick sketches around town with hopes that my drawing skills will improve. 

Here is one you might remember from last year:

I'll just add them as they arrive. Now... if i could just find the sketchbook that this image is from.... need to excavate the mountains of papers on my desk.  I am especially looking forward to these excursions with my BFF Karen!

Happy second day of January 2012.


  1. Hello Liza, I am enjoying this blog--from your daily dress illustrations to the urban sketches to the post from your niece. Inspiring! Bonita Yoder

  2. I like the dress dwgs, but I LOVE the Urban Sketching of buildings we know in Lawrence. IIIII will save your bday special to my summer calendar so I won't miss out! --Sue from your class on Day of the Dead.

  3. These are GREAT! and would make a lovely collection or showing sometime, when you've got more. Love your editing -- that's your prerogative as an artist! I'd love to see your take on the train stations or our iconic courthouse...
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us via this blog!


Thanks for the note!

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