TTTPL - Vignette Jewelry

This week at Tending to the Pilot Light, we worked with beads and charms and felt and embroidery threads to make these sweet little "Vignette Jewelry" pieces from an article in Cloth Paper Scissors.

Many were completed and some are "in progress".  I will post the pics when my lovely students bring them back for show and tell!  The results of this exercise are so sweet and intricate, I can't wait to see the final versions!

A warm welcome to first time students Dottie and Lisa!

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We do sometimes have a rebel among the group members and tonight she chose to make this beautiful little purse instead of the medallion... isn't it precious?!

Here is the finished piece! ~Gorgeous!

Here are the two I completed... one more in progress...

Here is one more I completed after Thursday's class"

Important news....
This weekend is the Fifth Annual Valentine Making Open House here at MacKomics Studios...10am to 6pm both days... don't miss it!  Here is a link to last year's photos.

Next week we will be making hand crafted gift bags.  Here is a sneak peak!

I hope you have a great week! And.. a few more projects have been completed and photographed... check out TTTPL Illuminations and TTTPL New Year's Visual Reinforcement/Reminders/Validation/2012 Journey Map.... for new photographs.

I hope you have a great week, and if you haven't gone to see "The Artist" yet... make plans now! It is a great homage to silent films, romance, Gene Kelly, and so much more.


Tending to the Pilot Light: Intention Candles

Hello to You...
Last week we made some really interesting Intention Candles as the final project in our New Year's Series.

Check out all these designs below.  I've "photoshopped" pictures of the different sides together so you can get a good idea of the circular nature of the finished pieces. 

Each person designed their own piece by flipping quickly through image sources, making split second decisions - yes or no and collecting a significant pile of pictures.  The next weeding process was to refine the collection down to a few images thereby allowing the "intention" to emerge without interference from the judgemental brain.  Then culling those images down to a composition that would fit on one of these tall votives was the next challenge.  I think they are beautiful and each one has a personal message for its creator, an interactive intention shrine - center of energy - reminder of one's hope for positive change  in this new year.

Here are a few that I've made of the years....

This one, with its skeleton, meditation and baby bird took a long time to interpret itself to me.  I trusted the choice and placement of the images long before I like it or even understood it.  I think of it now, years after making it, as death and rebirth....

This one was made in 2004 or so and was specifically about wishing to be a professional artist.

In other news...
I had an extraordinary day with friends out in the country north of town, playing with papers and glue and glitter.  We gathered for homemade soup and bread and made paper houses together.  Here are some pictures of our final projects!

Aren't they cute? Such creativity and what a great time we had! Thanks to S and S for hosting! You are fabulous!

Next week we will be making these sweet little pendants from Cloth Paper Scissors...

I went out and purchased some new REALLY CUTE fabric for the project.. here is a sneak peek

I am still looking for guest artists... are you interested in teaching an informal class to an intimate group of really nice people?  Let me know!

Have a great week and if you're out and about next Friday (Final Friday Art Walk) in downtown Lawrence, come by and see me at the Phoenix Gallery... I'll be their featured artist for the evening!

Take care,



Tending to the Pilot Light: New Year's Visual Reinforcement/Reminders/Validation/2012 Journey Map....

Hello! During Tending to the Pilot Light this last week, we continued with our New Year 2012 Process projects.  We completed a worksheet about our hopes, plans, wishes, for the future and created 2 and 3 dimensional art pieces related to the results.  Thanks to Susannah Conway for the worksheet.  Titled "Unravelling the Year Ahead" it asks questions like, What is your Word for 2012, Imagine yourself at the end of the year, what are you proud of? and What is your secret wish?

I created a quick example of one way to visually interpret/display the results of New Year thinking to give the class some ideas:

I had not completed the worksheet at that time.  According to one of my students, I unconsciously placed some of the categories in the same locations surrounding a central theme as some Feng Shui models... I'll have to find out more about this and study the universal-ness of visual displays of life energy.

Here are some of the pieces my lovely students made during the week:

The first one is displayed over four pictures to reveal all the hidden layers.....

The second piece is a hanging, two-sided visual - letting fate and natural air drafts determine which side is revealed at any given moment:

Here are a few more....

The piece above is a three dimensional box with opening window frame and functioning curtains!

Here is the final version of the above project:

Here are few newly completed projects:

And here is what I created AFTER filling out the worksheet...

There were several pieces "in progress", taken home with promises to bring back the finished project for photos!

This was an interesting project because it brought up lots of reactions for people... ranging from resistance, acceptance, inspiration, fears, blank-mind...overwhelmed, hope....

I feel like whatever got stirred up, the mixture it made.... makes us richer.  I would personally rather not have "Mindfulness" be my word for the year... It is much easier to space out and indulge in non-choices.. letting my time, my decisions, my actions be ruled by desires, i.e., yummy cookie vs. do I really want to feel that residue during yoga? or.. I'm kinda tired.. I'd rather watch a good BBC detective series than take care of filing or laundry or the zillions of things that call out to me on a daily basis.  However, having just a teensy bit of clarity and a view over the top of that moment can reveal that YEAH, it's a drag to be in the moment and take care of SHTUFF right then, but wow, afterwards, doesn't the place look great, isn't it nice to NOT hear all those chores chiming in to be heard and done? Isn't it easier to turn towards my creative and productive and happy self when not dragged down by all the things I avoid "taking care of".  I will answer with a resounding Yeppers!

I'll leave you with this one adage that proves helpful every time I bother to remember it....

Action is the Antidote

Happy New Year

Next week we will be re-visiting Intention Candles... here are some photos from our last session:

The week after next, January 24th and 26th, we will be doing a project straight out of Cloth Paper Scissors:

On Friday the 27th of January, I will be the featured artist at the Phoenix Gallery during Final Fridays.... Come by and say hi... they always have great snacks!  Also, say the magic words "Bostons in a suitcase" and you may choose a free mini-print reproduction postcard of some of my work.

And after that.... VALENTINES!! Saturday and Sunday, February 4th and 5th - Family Friendly Open house 10-6 both days - come to my place and make some valentines for your loved ones!  Home made scones, coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be served all day.

Be sure to check in at my two ongoing pages on this blog: A dress a day in 2012: as of this typing, I've been faithful to the endeavor with 16 dresses drawn and published, and the Urban Sketchers Midwest project with fewer sketches but perhaps more variety.

Take care and keep out of harm's way until we see each other again.
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