Tending to the Pilot Light: Intention Candles

Hello to You...
Last week we made some really interesting Intention Candles as the final project in our New Year's Series.

Check out all these designs below.  I've "photoshopped" pictures of the different sides together so you can get a good idea of the circular nature of the finished pieces. 

Each person designed their own piece by flipping quickly through image sources, making split second decisions - yes or no and collecting a significant pile of pictures.  The next weeding process was to refine the collection down to a few images thereby allowing the "intention" to emerge without interference from the judgemental brain.  Then culling those images down to a composition that would fit on one of these tall votives was the next challenge.  I think they are beautiful and each one has a personal message for its creator, an interactive intention shrine - center of energy - reminder of one's hope for positive change  in this new year.

Here are a few that I've made of the years....

This one, with its skeleton, meditation and baby bird took a long time to interpret itself to me.  I trusted the choice and placement of the images long before I like it or even understood it.  I think of it now, years after making it, as death and rebirth....

This one was made in 2004 or so and was specifically about wishing to be a professional artist.

In other news...
I had an extraordinary day with friends out in the country north of town, playing with papers and glue and glitter.  We gathered for homemade soup and bread and made paper houses together.  Here are some pictures of our final projects!

Aren't they cute? Such creativity and what a great time we had! Thanks to S and S for hosting! You are fabulous!

Next week we will be making these sweet little pendants from Cloth Paper Scissors...

I went out and purchased some new REALLY CUTE fabric for the project.. here is a sneak peek

I am still looking for guest artists... are you interested in teaching an informal class to an intimate group of really nice people?  Let me know!

Have a great week and if you're out and about next Friday (Final Friday Art Walk) in downtown Lawrence, come by and see me at the Phoenix Gallery... I'll be their featured artist for the evening!

Take care,


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