Tending to the Pilot Light: Illuminations

This week at MacKomics Studios we are beginning a series of New Year's themed projects.  We had some new students and some regulars on Tuesday night and WOW, what really amazing pieces were created.  The exercise incorporated an image of ourselves and then a meditative practice of "finding" backgrounds, significant imagery, colors, textures and composition to create an Illumination of our selves at that moment in time.  I will sign off here as these delightful pieces speak for themselves.

I included two photos of this piece to show these amazing little doors she incorporated into the composition.

Are these not sublime?

Here is one more completed Illumination:

They range in height from 10 to 20 inches depending on the piece.

Here is the composition I used for inspiration for this process/project:

I completed this some time in the early 2000's and the central image is an illustration I found in a magazine and altered with pencil look more like myself.  The "halo" of wishes, ideals, values and dreams  represents a sacred and honored vision of myself at that time.  I showed this and other collage pieces to demonstrate not only the object of the exercise, but also tips on design and visual communication through placement, complexity and color choices.

Here are the two pieces I made during the evenings... the first has a whole process story to be discovered... quite powerful (for me) to have found the blank slate photo and used it as the core of my body. Definitely have some writing to do about that!

The second one also held some surprises.  I am actively working towards a larger, more open heart, a lighter existence, a more flexible and loving relationship with the world and try as I might, the carved .... black ..... stone tablet just HAD to be place right over my heart.  Interesting and informative.  Lots to process.

May your day be rich and present.

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