April Dress-Up Challenge: Submission

Art Deco
Art Deco
Art Deco
Art Deco

A time when every line was geometric, there was no dirt or poverty, everyone was witty and waif-like, Fred Astaire tap danced through swanky white suites, and Georges Lepape reigned supreme....

Yes, it was a glorious and clean and upward-looking era, nevermind historical accuracy or heavy reality... let's just float back in time and imagine a sweet, crisp dream of a time where gravity, scale, proportion and physics were no obstacles to perfection.

Having adored and copied Georges Lepape's fashion drawings since before I knew his name, his work was a natural "go-to" for this month's challenge.

Sporting a soft chin and a great sense of humour, this talented designer worked in Fashion, Interior Design and Theatre with great influence and success.

I wasn't sure where this project would lead so I just put paint to paper and let his work inspire the direction and composition.  I first worked on a background panel, using some of his classic huge windows, giant pillows and flowing curtains with geometric shapes....

I used acrylic and markers, letting the natural black of the construction paper create the negative spaces.

Then, I made the figure... named her "Georgie", isn't that sweet? >>snort<<
Dressed her in a nightgown with an art-deco style neckline and then made some paper doll clothes to match.

Since I was not planning anything out in advance, I did not notice that a long nightie would make trouble in the future if I wanted her to wear anything showing her legs... ergo the floorboards painted inbetween the legs on the dresses....

Note: this paper doll collection is available in print in my Etsy Shop!

Here is the inspiration for the second dress...

...and my version...

Here is the inspiration for the third dress.... (the gal on the left)

and here's my third dress, placed on the doll and in set in front of the background...

Anyone up for playing paper dolls?

I'd like to think that I'll keep making new outfits for her...we'll see... you know how it goes!

Thanks for taking a look at my April Dress(s) and be sure to check out all the other wonderful submissions on the Sew Loquacious Blog

A few more dresses.....


  1. uauuu
    que obra de arte espetacular!

    linda a forma que compos os vestidos!

  2. You have had fun with this challenge, your little lady has a complete collection in her wardrobe!! Beautiful work, I think I would be sitting playing dress up!! ;)

  3. OMG! the pics are now showing, and each one is more spectacular than the next! Fabulous interp. What a great idea for paper dolls! or a set of magnets....

  4. Liza,
    Your dresses are fabulous! They are all totally glam! The first dress reminds me of a martini..olive adorned. I think my favorite is the second one!
    I'm so glad you are part of the challenge...you know I am a big fan!
    P.S. I had no idea Lapape looked like that!

  5. Just absolutely beautiful!

  6. They are all fabulous! You are a true fashion designer!

  7. Liza,eu estou simplesmente encantada com suas criações!!!Elas são fabulosas!!!Congratulações!!!
    Um abraço


Thanks for the note!

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