Yarn Wrapped Wreaths at the Lawrence Public Library

On December 20th and 22nd, the Lawrence Public Library had its last session of the brand new Thrifty Gifter Series... Yarn Wrapped Wreaths!  We had about 20 people each evening and everyone went home with a beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind wreath.  Thanks goes out to my incredibly helpful assistants Sarah and William... I truly could not have taught the class without all their help setting up, demonstrating methods, answering questions and all the breakdown and cleanup!

I started the class with an explanation of the project and demonstration of a few types of felt flower styles.  I showed the participants the most efficient way to wrap their wreaths (hold wreath between knees and circulate ball of yarn 4 or 4 times before sliding strands together), and reminded them that the process was split into two sections... the more meditative, mindful section where they could practice patience and get to know their neighbors, and the second section which would be much more active and stimulating with all the decorations to choose from.

To aid with the instruction, I quickly doodled a step by step process page and color coordinated our felt samples to the colors on the page:

Sarah and William folded and rolled the pieces along with me at strategic positions along the table to give participants a closer view of how we were manipulating the felt.

Here is what the place looked like just as people started to arrive on Tuesday evening:

Thanks to Stepping Stones Ranch for all this great yarn!! My daughter's horseback riding teacher was having a fabulous garage sale and we scooped these up for the Library.

The following pictures are a mix of both evenings with process first and happy finished products at the end.


I was amazed to see how many different styles and interpretations people created...! We had a broad spectrum of ages and even a healthy sprinkling of menfolk... The time went quickly, however almost everyone completed or nearly completed their project.

This was so much fun I loved teaching such a large group of people and am so glad the Library was able to create this fabulous series of creative sessions... If you enjoyed the Thrifty Gifter Series, be sure to let the Lawrence Public Library know your opinion... maybe we can make a Lawrence Holiday Tradition!

Thanks to all the great participants, Sarah and William, and of course to Rachel who organized the entire event!

Happy New Year!



  1. Looks like a great time, and I love your instructional doodles!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Susan Gray6/4/12, 8:24 PM

    Oh please teach this again!! Looks like way too much fun to miss.

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for the nice comment! Talk to the Library about their adult programs... maybe it will happen again!!


Thanks for the note!

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