Tending to the Pilot Light Christmas Cards

During the last week of November and the first of December, Tending to the Pilot Light was all about Christmas cards!  I printed "Happy Holidays" on A2 (quarter sheet) sized cards and laid out a smorgasbord of materials...
I ordered extra holiday themed charms like Santas and trees and candy canes, as well as lots of tiny instruments like trumpets, drums, violins and guitars.  We had volumes of decorative holiday themed paper, sparkly tissue paper, sheet music, pipe cleaners, tiny snow flakes, mini (>1/2") candy canes, fancy scissors, stick on jewels, metallic papers, and of course lots of glitter and glue!  I also brought out all the cut out animal silhouettes i used on Christmas cards last year and some vintage photos I've printed from the Library of Congress online catalogue.  I also put out this bowl of random holiday themed items that just collect around my studio as I'm composing cards... cut out mittens, cowboy boots, trees, and bows, paper snowflakes, and cherubs.  The my lovely friend T. made this incredible banner from various elements and I hope I've done justice with the photos!

On other nights, efficiency was the word of the day and working together, we streamlined the process and made a beautiful boxed set of embellished cards.... here is a pic of the project in process and then the final product

Not all cards ended up being for Christmas... here are a few made just for the Solstice

And what would a good card making session be without sharing it with my lovely student from Little Bostons at MacKomics Studio?

Isn't this great work for a six year old?!!

Here are a few I made along the way to demonstrate techniques and to inspire ideas - check out this tree where i meant for it to look like snow on the branches but got the layers mixed up and now it looks more like a triple layer cream puff....mmmmm

The mini candy canes on the one below are suspended on invisible thread so they swing freely from the snowflake....

I will post one more after the holiday since it has not been given yet and I'd hate to spoil the surprise!

This was a fun project which hopefully inspired even more creativity.

Once again, thank you to all those who come to my Tending to the Pilot Light Sessions.  It is a joy to work with you and to deepen our friendships.

Have a lovely day

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