Christmas Day

Hello all

Tending to the Pilot Light will be on vacation between christmas and newyears.

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We will start back up in the new year with a series of projects designed to explore who we are, what values we hold dear and what we would like to manifest in the new year. On January 3rd and 5th, we will be creating "Illuminations" of ourselves. Bring a photo of yourself at any age with your face at approximately 6 inches tall. It can be a xerox or color print or an illustration of yourself. We will create a self portrait with many mediums, incorporating the image and others that will "find" you in the process of the project.

The following week, ((January 10th and 12th) we will work with backwards bubble charts and images to create a map for our year. These may be focused on our creative, professional, family, spiritual, emotional, etc., journeys we would like to embark on in 2012.

In the third week,(January 17th and 19th) we will re-visit Intention Candles and work through the process of letting the distillation of the "turning of the year" energies, hope and intention for our lives and "choosing" our word for the year direct the composition of the candles. These candles provide an interactive reminder/mindfullness activity that can be engaged at any time during the year.

This would be a great time to shoot me an email if you have suggestions of activities you would like to see presented at Tending to the Pilot Light in 2012 or if you'd like to be taken off this mailing list.

I have a couple of quick questions I would really appreciate feed back with. Please take a moment to email me back with your opinions so I can massage this endeavor to better suit your creative process.

1. If you've never attended, would you like to be taken off the mailing list?

2. If you've come once only, what changes in format/setting/topics etc. would bring you back?

3. Do you think the charge of $10 is fair or too high?

4. Do Tuesdays and Thursdays work for you?

5. Would you be interested in multi week projects that get into more depth? (example: bookbinding)

6. Would you be interested learning from a guest artists? (the cost of these evenings would be determined by the guest artist; I would merely host the space)

7. Would you like to be a guest artist?

8. Do you have any other suggestions/complaints to share that would make the evenings more valuable to you? (Please be frank, I'm seeking honest feedback to improve this project and will not take anything personally)

I have lots of great pictures from the last Tending to the Pilot Light and from the Thrifty Gifter series which i will post on my blog in the next few days...but for now, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

ps. it's still pretty early, but i'm gearing up for my FIFTH! Valentine Making party here in Lawrence and it will be held the 4th and 5th of February to give everyone time to mail out their creations on time. This is a two day extravaganza for which I actually have to rent chairs! Plan on bringing family and friends (supervised children are welcome!) to this great midwinter party complete with heart shaped scones, hot beverages and more pink and red and white and sparkle materials than ever!

pps. Also, ladies (and fashion courageous gentlemen) join me in my absolutely insane tradition of wearing a skirt every day in February as a sacrifice to the "gods" of spring to ensure a timely warming in our region! (This is a much greater challenge in Lawrence than it ever was in Seattle... mind you

Take care and warm wishes to you and yours. Happy New Year


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