Retry number one

So... so much for posting EVERY day in 2011! it's the first of feb and two, count em, two rabbit rabbits so far... a bit of a cheat tho, was awake and up momentarily and then willed myself back to sleep to capture what was left of the luck!

Blizzard forcast for the day, strange misty air and everything glistening and frozen yesterday and sharp small snow flakes falling this morning.  Went for a run and went too far (like a fool) and only enjoyed approximately two blocks of endorphins... eyelash icicles are horrible!

mulling over what to do for February Dress Challenge - it's supposed to be inspired by klimpt, but i've set the bar a little high and am not sure what to create at the same caliber.  i'm contemplating a beaded piece but it's supposed to be paper...

finished up some cute diy valentine kits to take to wonderfair and perhaps sell a few at the parisole arts benefit on friday night...

I think they're pretty cute... how about you?

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