First Ever Give-Away!!

Hello and welcome to the first ever MacKomics Studio Give-Away!  In the spirit of Valentine's Day, please peruse my etsy site (mackomicsstudio.etsy.com) and find the valentine card OR valentine hair accessory that you simply must have!  Leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me which one you choose and I will select the lucky winner Friday night and mail out the prize by Priority Mail this Saturday AM!  Please consider leaving your mailing address in your comment or sending it to me at liza@mackomics.com so I can turn the item around as soon as the winner is revealed!

Check out my MacKomics Studio FB page to see other brooches, hair accessories and cards not yet up on etsy and if it turns out that you are much more in love with something NOT valentine's related... just let me know - I want the lucky lucky winner to be happy happy!

Please consider being a "follower" here at blogspot.com and a "fan" on FB - I've met the greatest people in this new endeavor and can't wait to meet YOU!

Thanks especially to Angela of Sew Loquacious for promoting my artwork and for being such a creative and inspirational friend!


  1. Liza,
    Count me in :). Thanks.

  2. I couldn't get you etsy link to open up but I'm sure they are beautiful. Angela sent me over and I'm glad I came. Welcome to Blogland.

  3. The link should be fixed now... pesky little double yous!

  4. I'm following. Can I win a scone?

  5. Ok, "KKN" AKA "Smarty Pantz" I'll send you a scone... but it'll be a wee bit stale!

  6. I like the Boston Terrier V Cards. Too cute.


Thanks for the note!

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