February is Flying by...

How can it be the 12th already!!?  This month is flying by. It is a relief in one sense because due to a crazy notion that occurred to me about 15 years ago, I wear skirts (or shorts) every day of the month of February in a desperate sacrifice to the gods of spring.  This worked great while living in Seattle... the weather never dipping below the 50's and the long drawn out springs gave new color and hope each day....but, heckerdoodles... this Kansas weather is killin' me! 

So.. what's new? With introductions from my good friend Heather, I met with some super folks yesterday, first was Bob Eppes of The Silk Road Travellers.  We had a great meeting: brainstorming and planning for future collaborations.

Second, I met with Cindy and Ted and I am so excited to report that I have sold cards to my first Kansas City Store! Please frequent this lovely and funky establishment Twisted Sister Cards and Gifts.  They have greeting cards for every and I mean EVERY taste and style as well as great little gifties including hand printed valentine undies for men and women by my bestest pal Elise of Pilot Valve!  Twisted Sister is on West 39th Street in a great little shopping district, practically kitty corner to Donna's Dress Shop (major vintage fashion destination!)

So today I am torn between what I wANT to do and what I must do... February dress challenge OR begin sorting my taxes.... Certainly not a fair choice and even musing here is a major distraction.  This is my first year of being "serious" about having an art business and I kept pretty good records for some of the year which means this task of filing personal AND business for the first time is one of those biiig jobs which I tend to procrastinate on... anybody else operate in the same manner?!

Unfortunately, the Dress-up 2011 Challenge February Dress will have to be my dessert.... maybe just a nibble here and there... I'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend - and hey, it's supposed to get up to 51 degrees tomorrow! practically a heat wave!
Take care


  1. Congrats on your card deal and all the other good things happening. Wearing dresses in February...what were you thinking...lol...

  2. I KNOW! crazy lady... thats moi! I may have to re think this and have March be the month of madness... I picked February cause it's the shortest...never knew i'd be living in a place where the weather was in the NEGATIVE numbers!
    Take care

  3. Congratulations on the card shop deal! Definitely a cause for celebration!
    Do your taxes if you must, but please, please work on your dress, too! I really want to see it!
    PS..It is a heatwave..pretty soon: tank tops and sandals!


Thanks for the note!

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