Groundhog Day

soooo the sun came out today! white cold powder drifts
spent 1 hr 2o min shovelling my stairs, driveway and neighbor Blanche's front walk, path to street and path to mailbox... and a path for the mailman across our two lawns... gotta love our public servants who trudge through this FREEZING weather.

made the third batch of scones for the open house this weekend... banana chocolate chip... they were so good, M and I snarfed a few more than the usual one each "tester" these are pictures of the candied ginger and raisin scones

spent the day rearranging the living room, measuring tables and trying to maximize space for the party... if only 16 adults at a time show up from the mailing list of ~200 or so... we'll be just fine!

The Four Rooms Collective piece was accepted into the Globally Green Show... received our letter today!

Anne came over and we cut out tiny fox faces in sparkle vinyl... she was so brave to drive in this unplowed city!

Spent the evening cutting out lots of hearts and clamshell envelopes for the party!
Can't wait to see you all!

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