Valentine-Making 2012

Pretty in Pink
call it what you will, this year was fantastic!

Great company - new faces and returning veterans... this is an event NOT to miss! Thank you everyone for gracing my tables and sharing in this creative endeavor~

Here are a few shots of the environment....

Heart-shaped scones

Before, during, and after the storm.....

... and the kidlets table:

The pups were fairly well behaved throughout... no escapes and they managed to bring their yucky beef bones out into the living room only a FEW times .... (although saturday night, they got up on a chair and licked up most of the butter off the plate and yet somehow missed the leftover scones....) We had no major spills or miss-haps and I'd say there were about about 100 valentines made.  Over both days, about 50 people came  through the doors and made an average of two valentines each.  This has got to be a record!

I've put up all the pictures except those of either recipients in-this-house (!) or with names on the front of people who might be reading this blog.  I'll post the rest of them after the 14th!

Arn't they fantastic?  Leave me a comment about your favorite ones!!

Here are all the fantastic creations!

February 19
Here are the valentines I could not post prior to the 14th!

The next three are part of M's Natural Disaster Valentine series

The Volcano of Love

Two sides of the Hurrican of Love:

and finally, The Tsunami of Love:

I wish we had pictures of the elaborate skeletal structure underneath... straws and skewers forming an undulating wave....

Here are the two valentines I made her... complete with actual German phrasing! Thanks to some lovely German speaking guests at the Valentine Making party!

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  1. I am so glad someone found the apple woman that I'd cut out the night before, and made a great card out of her!


Thanks for the note!

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