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Good afternoon readers! 
I'm so impressed with the creations that leave here each Tues and Thurs evening! and what fun we have making them....

This week we played with fire, yes... very small flames, but, yes, fire and poly fibre fabrics.
Man-made textiles have a dramatic and beautiful reaction to heat - check out these layered roses:

There were a few that managed to leave the house without photos but I'll post them if I can catch up to their creator!

Here is one I made for my sis... a custom piece she dubbed "Le Pavot" (The Poppy)

It has a nice shape, hugging back around her head. (I'll post a pic if I can get "zee O.K.")

Like many of our projects, I'm loath to pack up the materials because it becomes the "one and only" that I want to be spending my time on!  The problem with having lots of interests is that you get pulled in a million directions at once, so this weekend is a stay at home, get the domestic situ in better shape, spend time with the girl and not... start... any... more... projects!

Last weekend I had a great time in the print room with my friend L. and here are a couple of links to my "Dress-a-Day" page showing some of the fun stuff I made with puffy paint prints!

This next week for Tending to the Pilot Light, we will be making 4 x 6 two dimensional art pieces to participate in ..... No way... rats CITY! I just went to get info on this project to relate it to you and even though the deadline for signing up is not until March.. it is full!
Seriously, this was going to be a great Art-Coop project.

so... (significant pause here, while i comb through supplies and ideas.....)

This next week for Tending to the Pilot Light, we will be starting a larger project that will be revisited over time.  I will provide 5 x 7 mats that will be the basis for covers for handmade art journals.  We will decorate them with mixed media and start talking about projects for the inside pages.  In the future, we will bind art paper pages into these covers, using a coptic stitch binding  (for easy and flat display). 

For this week, in addition to the mats, I have matching double layer framed mats with an opening of 2 5/8 x 4 5/8 inches.  As you prepare for class this week, think about combining these items, nesting treasures within the frame, or creating layers of imagery between transparent sheets.  I will have a full range of materials available to create portrait or landscape oriented art journal covers.  If you think about a theme ahead of time, your design choices will flow quickly and you will be able to accomplish a great deal in our short time together.  Google art journals, and check out all the different directions you can go within these parameters!

Notice to other creative types (including my talented students!) - Jump into teaching in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere....

I am interested in hosting guest artists and have some nibbles already: Art Dolls, Mail Art, and possibly Jewelry making from a friend in KC.  Please contact me if you are interested in teaching for a week.  I will host the classes, provide the space and do all the clean-up.  You bring materials, teach and the class fees are yours!

Is there any interest in once a month weekend projects? We could meet for 3-4 hours on a Saturday and have a larger project, or work on completing existing projects... I'm open for ideas and looking for feedback - please let me know what you would like.

Check out this link for additional photos... scroll to the end for more valentine pictures!

I hope you have a great week - take care!


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