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Good evening readers!
I'm excited to spend some time in the print room tomorrow, so posting my weekly report on Saturday evening - one day early.

I am typing on a new computer... all fast and slick - the tower sitting here on the desk ...looking everything like a cylon except for the left and right motion of the thin red light emanating from the top third of the front facade.  Since I spend 2-4 hours a week processing photos for this blog each week, I was delighted to be able to open 20 at a time (blink blink blink) without freezing the whole system, without any warning messages telling me I would compromise functionality etc.  Thanks to an excellent computer guy (Thanks D.!!) I have now jumped forward light years in computer speed and efficiency. And...here's a special thank you to my old workhorse HP who did its best for the last 6 years.

Enough with the boring 'puter stuff.. let's get on to ART

This week (February 14th and 16th) we will be revisiting burnt edge organza accessories.  And yes, I will have class on the 14th, I'll have all the materials set up just in case anyone doesn't have valentine plans!

This week's challenge was to host a two day blow out over the weekend and then be ready by tuesday evening for a new Tending to the Pilot Light class.  Here is the before and after photos from Tuesday!

This was quite a feat and I made it with a mere 5 minutes to spare!

Here are some of the lovely cards created this week:

Apologies for this being so blurry...

Here are the pages of a sympathy card I made for my dear E. 

One more addition to the cards...

Inside of card with image transfer, handmade paper, and vintage wristwatch clock face

Close-up of outside

Even though this is the month of love, 29 days of hope and connection, the peak of my personal creative outreach to the public ... I'm finding it a challenge to keep up the momentum. 

Life runs in cycles of energy, circles of anniversaries, memories and habits folding round and round like a mobius strip.  Similar, not identical, unpredictable to the forgetful among us, and always chock full of information. 

I found gratitude to be my motivator for January and worked with, against, and along-side various forms of gratitude.  February seems to be demanding yet still greater patience, suspension of judgement and flexibility in self assessment related thoughts. 

We all move along at the pace set by our little generators housed safely in our chest.  I am happiest when I remember exactly what is at the center of my path and really open my eyes, listen, witness and let it all pass into the next moment.  Because, for now, there IS a next moment and another step to be taken and creative ideas to be expressed.

I wish you a lovely moment filled evening.

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