TTTPL Hand crafted Gift Bags

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend... It was a glitzerama here at MacKomics Studio... all sorts of valentine-making madness for two whole days!  Photos will be posted in the near future.  Thanks to all the visitors and the X-treme creativity, this 5th annual valentine making party was a stupendous success... so much so, that I think the event has outlived this location! Can you even believe it?  At one point we had all the chairs filled, several kids at the kids table, parents standing and a few hanging out by the scones.  We had about 45 to 50 visitors over the 16 hour period and at least 100 valentines were made... probably more!

Last week at Tending to the Pilot Light, we made hand crafted gift bags.  I purchased a new GIGANTIC die for the table top die cutter and students composed these great one of a kind gift bags.  The die requires just over an 11 x 17 page so we adhered 12 x 12 pages together or used other materials that were large enough. 

Here are some of the pieces created on Tuesday and Thursday Nights.

Here's a great road trip gift bag with some vintage roadsters:

 This one is lovely with some hand-painted roses and a tiny bee

This sepia giftbag has two distinct sides and looks so pretty in the warm light of evening (pic2)

Here is a picture of the bag above in progress:

Check out these cheery spring colors!

This bag was cut from a vintage model castle set and sports beaded handles:

Look at this one below and see a 'round the world trip!

We had a lot of fun composing these and creating little functional works of art.

Next week, we will be having an open card crafting session on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9. 

I will supply multiple colors of cardstock, cut to half size, mixed art papers, lots of new stamps, image transfer supplies, and plenty of glitter and stick on jewels (for that extra bling we all crave).  Make blank cards or stamp with "Happy Birthday", "Thank You" "Congratulations" or a specific holiday message (easter, christmas, st. paddy's, etc.). 

Remember, if you are coming to Tending to the Pilot Light for the very first time, it is only FIVE bucks - all supplies included and 2 hours of creative play time!

I've added one more brooch to the photos from last week... a tribute to Annie Oakley - link here

Have a great week and check back for those valentine photos!

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