Rabbit Rabbit

Good luck the whole year long! Imagine a graceful leap off the end of the bed whilst whispering "Rabbit Rabbit" before landing lightly.  Certainly far from the clumbsy truth, but none-the-less... good luck for a year!  The sun was shining on the new day, the new chance, the new start and Birdy and I went for a long walk in the fields behind Haskell. I worked on my piece for the Globally Green Art Show for the Lawrence Art Guild (deadline for submissions coming up quickly!... January 15).  With the pieces from the members of the newly formed Four Rooms Collective,  I assembled the other elements: Earth, Wind and Water easily, embellished with shells, feathers and fossils and then set upon the bulk of the piece: Fire.  Upon discovering that the human heart with ventricals and other veins and tube-y things coming out of its top looked remarkably like the sacred heart icon I had envisioned for the center, I began embroidering over a printout of an illustration of a human heart.  Great idea until it comes time to pull the paper out from under the stitches... patience and tweezers!  Tomorrow I plan to pull out the hibachi and burn selected twigs for a flaming topper!
Original piece before cutting...

image used for embroidery:
Note similarity to sacred heart icon!"
Happy New Year!

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