2011 Integration

Instead of barrelling myopically towards my latest passion or previously; depression... 2011 will be focused on integration. Yes, yes, this is the make it or break it 12 months in terms of finances, but perhaps with a balanced view, a conscious approach, life will provide in one way or another.

Busy busy busy at the beginning of the new year... Walking, breaking habits, filling orders and taking on new commitments. Plus.. clean as I go... keep the "factory" in good shape. I should have posted before and after pictures of the studio... let's just say that it's really nice to see the floor again!

In the works

Very first wedding hair piece commission - met with the lovely client yesterday and co-designed a great tri-flower arrangement.

Multi-card set for father - late xmas present

Collecting images to paint on albums

Finished Four-Rooms Collective prayer flag at midnight last night

Dress-up Challenge: A dress a month in 2011, hosted by Sew.Loquacious.blogspot.com

Almost 100 card order for the Merc

And... did i mention that i've hopped back on the vegan train... 2 whole days on it and i'm doing a lot of patting myself on the back.. the first two weeks on any diet are the worst, worste, wurste.... ahh

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