Tending to the Pilot Light - Yarn Wrapped Wreaths

This most recent Tending to the Pilot Light Session was a trial run for the Craft Workshop I'll be teaching at the Lawrence Public Library in the third week of December... Yarn Wrapped Wreaths for the final session of the Thrifty Gifter Workshop Series

Great flyer design by Mandy Stos of IamtheMandy

Although I'm not completely satisfied with the pipe insulation material we used, my students made the most amazing and cute and beautiful wreaths!  I just love to see the creative gears working away... and the conversations we have and the connections made - I am so grateful for the community we are forging.

Here are some snapshots of these beauties... and apologies, R. for the blurry pic... it's sub par, but at least the detail came out great!

Here's the pinky I completed on Tuesday night...

This week we will be making hand-made stationery sets as gifts!
Check back here next Sunday for pictures of those creations...
Have a great week and I hope to see you here for Tending to the Pilot Light!


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