Summer is Ending at MacKomics Studio

What a great summer this has been! So many great people have participated in my evening art classes and their enthusiasm and talent has inspired me to create even more.  Many INCREDIBLE donations of supplies, craft, fine art, beading and fabric; have kept me busy as well.

Time, that elusive constant, however, has grown tighter.... what with a new part time job (Hurray for the Lawrence Public Library!), Bikram Yoga, and some custom pieces I've been working on, the days just fly by.

Never-the-less, I am excited to announce that I will be hosting the remainder of the Dress Up 2011 Challenge!  Our intrepid hostess, Angela of Sew Loquacious, will be undergoing a lengthy recovery from knee surgery in the near future and has requested assistance.  Although I could never fill her dainty glass slippers... I will endeavor to provide nearly as lovely a forum for this delightful activity as she has all this year.

My biggest challenge will be to KEEP UP with you all!! I just finished a fill-in dress for June and am still behind for August so look for some frenzied dress-related art activity in the near future.

So... here is Angela's original post -

I am proud to announce the Dress Up 2011 artist theme for September is......


I've decided all the themes up till now. Now it's your turn! You decide on an artist, an art movement, a color, or even a Broadway show (ah, the photo above)! It's all up to you! Just remember to keep it family friendly...You'll find the Simply Link tool at the bottom of this post!

and here is the Simply Link tool:

I am very excited to see all of the free-choice "Anything Goes" dresses you create this month - have fun and enjoy the beginning of autumn.



  1. Olá Liza será um prazer continuar participando dos desafios dress up para este mê fiz 3 para iniciar seu blog abraços

  2. My shoes are definately not dainty, but thanks for the compliment! Thanks so much for filling in...I know it's going to be an awesome four months of fabulous dresses!
    See you soon.

  3. Uma honra poder participar todos os meses.
    Amo estes vestidinhos!!
    Bjs do Brasil

  4. Participei somente uma vez do Dress Up...mas adoro visitar os vestidinhos!!!


Thanks for the note!

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