Tending to the Pilot Light - ZenTangles

What great students I have - another week of amazing creativity!!

Working with pens with widths ranging from a fat sharpie all the way down to an 005 nib, we created complex ZenTangles using resources such as:

Here are some examples of ZenTangles from last week's sessions

Notice the repetition of patterns, the organic application of quadrants and at the end, some tangential doodles that may or may not still be ZenTangles!

Thanks for taking a look - hope to see you sometime soon at Tending to the Pilot Light, Tuesday and Thursday nights at my home studio in Lawrence.

Contact me for more information: liza@mackomics.com

Information on these creativity sessions is below:

General notes on Tending to the Pilot Light:

I've developed this series to provide a venue for fanning the flames of creativity - no matter how timid the spark, we all carry creative energy in our center/soul/heart.... sometimes the urge to create, to work with our hands, gets relegated so far down the priority list that we don't even remember it's there....until we sit down and put pen to paper, needle to fabric, glue to cardboard... something!

Tending to the Pilot Light is an informal creativity session geared towards artists and non-artists alike. The evenings are designed to provide an opportunity to create successfully, safely, and with a specific focus. For the non-artist; it is a chance to work with your hands and feed that creative urge simmering beneath the surface. For working artists, it is a time to play with someone else's materials, and for all; it is an opportunity to commune with lovely, open-hearted, creative individuals.

I usually start out with a description of the project and what the purpose of the exercise is, show examples, explain the supplies and talk about variations and other materials available that can be provided if your project goes in a unique direction. I might work on the same project alongside you or may just make myself available for adhesive best practice advise, crafting techniques and brainstorming. Some projects are deep and self revelatory and others are just for fun.

If you have a show-and-tell project that you want feedback with, please bring it along and arrive a bit before seven so I can give you my full attention!

The two-hour sessions are $10/person, however I am super flexible and am willing to work out trades or service exchanges. You might also consider bringing a snack in lieu of payment, just call me to arrange!


  1. Great art, Liza! I keep hearing about this Zentangle stuff...what you have made looks fantastic!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Liza, I enjoyed looking through your work. It's exciting to see others who share their knowledge and open their home/studios to artists/non-artists alike. Keep fanning those creative flames!! I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher here in Wichita (the only one in the State of Kansas at the moment-LOL-I'm sure there will be plenty more to follow). I do get to Lawrence on occasion and would love to meet you!


Thanks for the note!

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