Art Journals

The art journal project continues at Tending to the Pilot Light.

Here are some more pictures of covers and some books starting to take shape.  This last week we actually started stitching.  Next week we will have one more stitching session and be finished with the project.

Here is an inside cover with a hand made envelope attached, complete with melted and torn edge pieces, stamping, distressing, found images and book pages

 Antiqued doily and re-assembled holiday card elements make an intriguing mixed media piece
 Here is the inside cover with the envelope open
 Assembling signatures and adding handmade pocket elements - note the use of handmade paper combined in a single signature.

Here are a few pics of my "finished" art journal. I say "finished" because I need to un-bind the last section and re-do the stitches.  In my excitement to complete the project, I omitted a step on each station and the book does not sit snug-ly together as it should.

In addition to the mixed cut-to-signature paper, I provided extra long paper for participants to create accordion fold out pages.

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