Tending to the Pilot Light

Back in January, I sent out this email to friends, family and artist contacts I've made over the last year or so.  My intention was to get feedback on an idea for weekly creativity lessons.

_______ . . . . . . ______

I'm writing to find out what you think about a once a week creativity session/experience at my house.

During the many many arts and craft fairs I participated in this last year, it was astounding how I seemed to be a magnet for people who wanted to talk about their creative lives, wanted encouragement/permission etc., to explore their artistic sides! In addition, I've been holding these valentine-making parties for several years now and the one thing that keeps coming up is people's desire to be more creative, to have a space and a time set aside for letting that side of themselves flourish. I know that even for active artists there is a great appeal to having a new place to play; with someone else's supplies; hanging out with interesting people, and then at the end of the night - being able to just leave with your creation(s)!

This email is a first query into forming some sort of venue to rekindle that spark-that pilot light we all had as children, to feed that side of our brains that longs to be recognized.

Would you be interested in:

open creating - with no direction, just supplies available

guided projects

multi-week projects

seasonal projects

medium-driven projects




small group setting

large 10+ group

art techniques


work that incorporates a spiritual or personal meaning

Would you be willing to pay $5-8 to defray costs?

I am not an expert in any one medium, however, I am an expert in the transition between being a frustrated and stifled artist to someone who is creating all the time. I have lots of random supplies, space, tables and cheer and am willing to walk this path with anyone. I see this as a gathering place for people at any place along the continuum, sharing ideas and creating works side by side.

If there is any interest in this idea, I will follow-up with a more formal flyer like the one mentioned above with more details about types of projects we could work on together. If you have any suggestions or know anyone who might like to participate, please let me know!

Although this is an email to many people, it's not a blanket email. I've selected you personally as someone who might be interested OR might have some feedback for me on the idea!

______. . . . _________

I received lots of great response, enthusiasm, feedback, specific preferences and suggestions.  It took these six months to prepare for the launch of this idea, however, as of this week, the project is "A-GO"

I recently sent out the following email to the same mailing list:

______ . . . . . . ______

Thank you all for all the great feedback and apologies for the long lead-up... I did not want to launch this project unless I was ready to commit to long term hosting, and the time is NOW!

"Tending to the Pilot Light" will have the following structure...

From seven to nine pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights, my doors will be open. I will have tables set up and will have a project planned and prepped, however, misc. art supplies will be available to work with if you wish to be independent.

New projects will be introduced on Tuesdays and will carry over to the Thursday of the same week, so it won't matter which day you attend!

I am open to any project ideas and will post a schedule as I get more feedback.

I propose a fee of $10 for each two-hour session, however I am open to alternative commerce.

I will provide all materials needed for each project and an interesting selection of additional art materials for the independent workers. You are always welcome to bring your own projects and enjoy the generous and loving company of other artists just like you for an evening.

This is an adult gathering, however, if you have a very grown-up tween or teen who would like to accompany you, please let me know and we can discuss!

This week we will be working on collage mandalas - a beginning place without words or specific images, focusing purely on color and visual texture.

Next week we will be making intention or wish candles, an interactive piece to help focus our desires for this year (Summer Solstice to Summer Solstice)

For future weeks, I plan on teaching you how to make some of the products I sell at craft fairs, such as elaborate burnt-organza hair clips, hand painted rosette gift tags, multi-media greeting cards, vinyl painted record albums, etc. Additionally, I would like to explore transfer printing, creating symbolic omamaris, as well as seasonal crafts and of course, plenty of fashion-themed pieces!

This is a social, fun, introductory, community building experiment.

If you have any questions, (or suggestions) please contact me at any of the locations below, and please forward this to anyone you like!

I am looking forward to creating with you!

_____ . . . . . . . ______

If you, dear reader, know of anyone who might be a hesitant artist, someone who would like a safe place to explore creativity, someone who wants to make things but never gets around to making time, please send them my way! 

I have created a non-judgemental environment and my priority is to facilitate the FLOW of creativity, and engagement in the PROCESS, with the finished piece just being a delightful by-product of the evening.

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